Cellar to Dome, PLLC is an ISN member, which gives the company access to a wide array of Home Inspection services designed to improve quality of service for the client.

Long-Term Plan 

Promote the "Pre-Listing" Home Inspection business model; that said, we will not turn away any requests for a traditional Buyers Inspection.

  • Home Inspections per TREC Standards
  • Appliance Recall Check
  • Home Photography
  • Floor Plan Graphics Service


  • Home Remodeling
  • Custom Home Design
  • Construction Management 
  • Structural Engineering


Cellar to Dome is a new company, formed in 2017. Presently it's a one man operation. As soon as possible, I will hire employees to do the Inspections so that I can focus on Business Development with the ultimate goal of opening franchises nation-wide.

  • TREC Certified Professional Home Inspector.
  • AS Architectural Design
  • BS Mechanical Engineering
  • MBA
  • Licensed Realtor - Arizona


Cellar to Dome, PLLC

Home Inspection Service, and More