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Home Inspection Service, and More

Certified maps such as shown here are used by Architects & Engineers in the designs of buildings. The Dallas area enjoys a very low risk of earthquakes, but we do have tornados.

Note: Square footage of the home is based on legally recorded data.

* The crawlspace fee will not be charged if the Inspector determines that the crawlspace is not safe to enter. 

Free Information Bonus!

Texas gets serious rain storms that can cause flooding. For your convenience, here are the Flood Maps for Collin and Dallas Counties used by Insurance companies to assess flood risk for given properties. 


General Home Inspection:  $0.11 per square foot, or $275 minimum.

Homes more than 25 years old: add $25.00

Homes with crawlspace*: add $75.00

Appliance Recall Check: No Charge

Home Photography: $0.04 per square foot

Floor Plan Drawing: $0.04 per square foot

Radon is a very low threat in Texas, and therefore we feel it is not ethical to charge for a Radon inspection. But don't take our word for it. Check it out yourself by clicking here.