Most home photographers take pictures of every room, as well as the front and back yards. Frankly, some rooms should omitted from the MLS. Furthermore, it is a good practice for the seller to Stage each room, particularly those rooms that truly show off the home's best features. A good Realtor is trained in consulting sellers on how to stage the home. 

Many home photographers use of a wide angle lense. True, it captures more content per picture, but it also distorts the home's true architectural features. We go easy on the wide-angle lense for this reason. We prefer to shoot quality, not quantity in each picture. Our pricing is based on square footage of the home, not number of shots. We take as many pictures as needed to tell your home's story.

About Home Photography

It is said that the picture must "tell a story". For home photography, the story must describe the architecture and mood of Select rooms. The select rooms home buyers are most interested in are the Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Master Bath, and the major family living areas both inside and out.

All said, we are a competitively priced service. We're going after 98% of the market; meaning we don't include a music track, we don't bring in studio lighting, we don't have a props department, and we don't use a drone for arial views. 

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